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We do not directly process credit cards.  However, you may use a credit card through PayPal without being a member of PayPal.
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***Please note:  U.S. postage increased in 2018 & 2019 and will increase again in Jan. 2020!. Our costs to mail by First Class likewise increased. Therefore, we have increased subscription prices slightly.  Thank you for your comprehension.

U.S. Subscriptions - NEW
1 year/$60
Canada/Mexico - NEW
1 year/ $70

Friends in Canada and Mexico are encouraged to choose the ONLINE version of shorts at a lower price and faster delivery.

All Other Countries - NEW
1 yr/$75*
We are no longer accepting print subscriptions (or renewals)  to other countries.  Postage is too expensive at this time.
Please click here to subscribe to the new online version of Shorts.
A creative solution is being used by a number of our friends in other countries.  We are sending their issues to friends in the U.S. who in turn forward them to the subscriber outside the U.S.

All PRINTED magazine subscriptions are 6 issues fulfilled by 1st class mail.

Friends in other countries: Please subscribe to the ONLINE version.  We no longer renew printed magazine subscriptions to countries not in North America.  Your price will be much lower using the online version. Thank you.

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