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In La Honda, Dan's personal storage for back issues of Shorts was large and spacious and held hundreds of boxes of magazines.

After Dan passed and Shorts was transferred to this Editor and physically moved to Sky Valley, storage became an extremely valuable commodity and available back issues are limited.

There are no back issues prior to 1985. 


Of the copies after '85 that are available, there are perhaps only 2-3 of each one. Certain issues - especially stud issues - are nonexistent.  However, you are always welcome to ask and given a few days, we will try to find whatever you may ask..

Issues pre-2000 are $8.00 each including postage. (U.S. only price)  

Issues 2000 to 2016 are $9.00 each. (U.S. only price)

All from 2017 until present year are 10.00 each. (U.S. only price)




Exceptions are

(U.S. only prices)

*the 50th Anniversary Issue;  $20 (please order from that page)

*the 2017 Performance Issue $16 (contact Editor)  Other years' Performance Issues are available.

*the 2017 Stud Issue (Double issue) $15 (Contact Editor)


All prices include U.S. postage for in-country shipping.

Non-U.S. customers who wish to order please contact the Editor.

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Bartlesville, OK 74006
Cell phone:  760-844-0961
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