Shorts Online Subscriptions

New to Shorts?  You may subscribe for a full year of the magazine online (6 issues) for only $35. This version is open to anyone from any country as long as you participate on FaceBook. 

Your subscription (through PayPal) will be "recurring" - meaning when it has run out, PayPal will automatically bill you for another year.  If you send check payment, you are responsible for renewing this payment each year.

Currently, online subscribers must have a FaceBook account so that you may receive the invitation to the private group where the links are posted.   The Editor has membership approval on the page.

After paying the $35 fee, please be sure to "Friend" me on FaceBook so that I may send your invitation.

After your Friend Request is accepted, you will receive a FB "notification" (see the "bell" icon) with your invitation to the group. (Please note:  this is not a "discussion group of any kind."  It is simply useful in distributing the online magazine links.

And that is where the six issue links in your subscription are posted.

Full Subscription
6 issues for $35 USD
Begins with current
issue at time of payment.


Print Subscribers

add online access

for only $10.00/year

Please:  we won't be accepting any  new subscriptions until AKC has

begun a regular show schedule once again.  Thanks for your understanding.

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