Contract ads for 2020

Contract ads are recurring ads that appear in each of the six issues in one year.   A one-time, full-year payment is required of all. The advertiser signs the SS contract at the beginning of every year, or prior to the first issue the new ad appears.  You may provide your own ad using our size specifications, or we will design an ad for you. The ad maybe black & white or color.   


New for 2020:  Ads designed by the Editor require a one-time

$15 service fee.     


In the interest of safety, we prefer NOT to publish street addresses. City, State, and e-mail and/or telephone is ample for your contact info.

Thank you.

New Rates for 2020 :

(Camera-ready ads)

1 column inch - $100


1/8 page         - $160


1/4 page         - $250


Price includes 6 issues

(Contract is one year Jan. to Jan.)

If you don't see the amount you need to pay:  Go to your PayPal account, click "Send Money" and send to

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3601 Woodland Rd.
Bartlesville, OK 74006
Cell phone:  760-844-0961
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