A Brief History of
Schnauzer Shorts

Showing dogs, working as a kennel boy, grooming, and a deep love of dogs throughout his life led Dan Kiedrowski to eventually found two publications - "Schnauzer Shorts," and "Terrier Type."  Realizing there were no magazines for Terrier fanciers, he gathered all his knowledge & experience and put it together starting in 1960.

It has evolved in logo and cover design, from "gossip" columns to breeder profiles, and published lines of descendancy from the main sires of the breed - once it arrived in the U.S. from Germany.

Kiedrowski was fortunate enough to have some of the "greats" along for the growth of his little magazine - which started out with 20 pages or less.  People such as John T. Knight, Anne Eskrigge, Peter Beauchamp, Peter Green, helped guide and formulate the thoughts Dan had for his publication.

Dan was there to document evolution of the color varieties in the States - through the growth of blacks and black and silver, changing perspectives toward each.  He helped publicize the health issues the AMSC tackled - including test breeding for producers of cataracts and later, PRA.


It was a shock in the Fall of 2016 when Dan contacted me regarding passing the magazine on to me.  We had briefly touched on the fact that I might be interested several times at GWTA in years before, but his response was always, "I'll keep doing it until the day I die."  He got very close.  In 2016 he became ill and probably realized he had done as much as he could do, choosing to spend the final months of his life enjoying what he could of his home, his friends, and his partner, Denis.  I took over with the Sept-Oct issue of 2016.  


Dan physically left us in February of 2017; he lives on, however, in the hearts & minds of all his readers of Schnauzer Shorts, and through the pages of almost 60 years of publication.  I hope to continue his legacy in a manner he would be proud to see.                                       ~Tania Kidd, Editor, Schnauzer Shorts 

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