The stud issue has been mailed.  A few  copies are available.   

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Coming Soon: Final issue of  2019 is  with the printer!

It features MCKC circuit  show results and so much more!J

January-February 2020 features  "dogs of color."  Ad materials are due Jan 15 - Jan 20.

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Continuing nearly 60 years of breed documentation by

founder Dan Kiedrowski to benefit the

Miniature Schnauzer fancy.

Schnauzer Shorts

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SS Rankings

Our magazine's breed rankings are a combination of AKC points plus Best of Opposite points. Those totals for each dog determine the SS Top Dog for each year.


Historical Photos

Many of the photos belong to the "Kiedrowski Collection;"  others were taken by the Editor or contributed by interested individuals.  

SS Archives

Various articles by original publisher Dan Kiedrowski, about the terrier expert, about the BIG shows, and articles by other breed experts.


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